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The Ultimate Extreme Sport Has Arrived. Imagine a game that starts at 10000 feet in the sky and ends 100 feet underwater. Our competitors are challenged by each other , the elements and gravity. Tradition however is not lost in a Sportsmash, It still has a ball and a goal. The playing field its what has changed along with the uniforms. The three stages of the game are FLYBALL, TERRABALL,and AQUABALL. In each there are multiples ways for fly,roll or swim so its always fresh. Get ready. This is Sportsmash.

Piano Grinders


For a hundred years people sat around the piano for their nightly entertainment. There was one in every respectable home. Its time for the piano to shine once again. Enter  - The Piano Grinders.
This team of craftsmen and piano hunters find instruments that have no home and turn them into centerpieces that beg to be displayed at any event or location. Follow the team from start to finish where every week they will take a dream-themed idea for a far out design and turn it into a reality. Experts are needed to be at every corner to find,design,salvage,strip,construct,paint and tune the most outrageous pianos in the world.

The Kids Club


Fun and wholesome entertainment - A variety show for kids . Still wanting bright colors and silliness, kids get what they are used to - mixed with a pinch of science and a dash of math with the likes of Professor Pickleman. Art and Music are the first things to vanish from our school system but not from the Kids Club with places like Musicville and the Creative Corner. Eating right and exercise are also a key component to this new  show with Ranger Rick and Tex Allimo. This is Edutainment - a throw back to earlier times where Saturday Morning Cartoons meets Captain Kangaroo.  











Bang the Drum


Follow Daryl, Doug, Eathan, Gabe and B Moe during their travels through the country playing in a classic dixieland band. From show to show the troop barely holds on as the road is rocky and the times are tough. The dancing girls change from town to town and the manager overbooks and under pays. The tuba player can't get enough of everything from broads to booze and everybody's had enough of him. In the middle of a tour in the middle of nowhere they all have to stick it out. Its sink or swim for The Brass Stompers and the show must go on. 

Commando Kitchen


A cooking show for anybody in a dorm, office or hotel room. Brought to you in a set of fatigues and with military presicion. Simple recipies for people with limited kitchen supplies and appliance. Each week they will conquer and invade culinary regions of the world with simple yet gourmet dishes all being done in real time with meticulous execution and efficiency. This all takes place in a top secret location. Man Cave meets Maxwell Smart. Our over the top Mess Hall Messengers bring you 5 star general meals on a privates paycheck.     

Crash and Flip


A Crash course in Flipping cars. Edu-tainment is the key in this fast-paced competition show where couples get a "fixer-upper" with the main goal being the sale of it to buy a better ride. We get two couples, who get two used cars, and have two weeks to dial those cars in and sell 'em! They get two mechanics and two hundred dollars to help. They can sell or trade up as many times as they can for two weeks. Whoever has the highest Kelly Blue Book value at the end keeps the car and the other couple gets bupkiss. That car is used in the next show as the car the couples start with.

Beltway Barbeque


Cooking adjacent programing .In this case cooking mixed with politics . Watched CNN lately? If you have you will have seen Anthony Bourdain. A professional chef on the news channel. Go figure. People don’t want just a cooking show or just a political show. Why not kill two birds with one stone. Then put those on the grill. As our two hosts, one a democrat and on a republican, light up the grill, they get into the recipe of the day and then the news of the day. They may disagree on taxes but they can sure make some slick ribs. Guests will range from the man on the stump to the hottest new chefs in town. Set with a Washington backdrop the beltway bbq will consider local eateries their bread and butter along the campaign trail. So prepare to put the elephant and the donkey in the stew. It’s time for the Beltway BBQ

Hey Hey, Don't Throw It Away!


Hey Hey Dont Throw it away is pure eco info edu tainment. Made for international formatting and geared toward an ecofriendlycrowd, the shows are mainly comprised of video submissions for the most user friendly, fun and sensible ways to reuse everything from lemon peels to shoelaces, from old clothes to hub caps.

We are eco and green. As in- good for the green backs and the economy. We also give a prize at the end of each program for, least in, most out. Find it for free and make a fee, whoever can turn their trash into cash wins. Schools and communities will win prizes for repurposing. The game show element isn't lost and the docufollow element is sure to follow as many of these creative and inspired ways to reuse and recycle garbage could be the TV of the future.




The hardest part about rehab is once one leaves a facility the temptations to fall off the wagon are around every corner. In recent years a new outward bound experience has been found to be a last resort for many. When survival is your only choice, getting your fix is not an option. Out of sight out of mind.

Eco Addicts is the only show of its kind to take the hardcore and the hopeless and give them the tools to survive in the wilderness and watch as they succeed or in many cases fail. 

From Ice and Snow to desert wind and sand, our "recovery team" will learn what want and need truly are. When warmth and water far surpass the want of pills or booze. Imagine Big Brother meets Dr. Drew meets survivor all in one half hour once a week.


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