Greg Alevizos



Greg Alevizos is a results driven professional with notable success directing a broad range of corporate project initiatives while participating in the planning, analysis and implementation of solutions in support of business executives.

With both a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Sciences in Information Technology from Bentley University in Waltham MA, Greg is an outstanding project and program leader; he is able to coordinate and direct all phases of project based efforts while managing, motivating and guiding teams.

In the early 90's Greg managed a variety of national level acts for casinos in the Midwest region with GDF Entertainment. While there he created numerous show formats for established artists and executed large scale productions in a wide variety of settings.  Later Greg went on to manage a number of five-star hotel chains in New Orleans' historic French Quarter. Recently he became the Vice President of Professional Services at the prestigious New England Network Group, and later CTO of Technical Support International. Greg was also nominated for a Grammy in 2001 for Best Audio Engineer in the classical category.


In 2012 Greg founded his firm BTW Consulting LLC in Boston and later with his friends Brian Morgan and Amnon David created the Aardvark Park Production Services division and began working out of Van Nuys, CA.

Brian Morgan


Creative Director

Brian Morgan is a singer/songwriter that has been performing since the age of 10.

Born in Port Chester, New York Brian was educated in the musical arts at the Rye Country Day School and later at Manhattanville College and State University.

After relocating to the New Orleans area Brian began to attend Tulane University where he studied music performance and production. While at Tulane Brian performed with many talented musicians including members from The Neville Brothers, The Radiators, The Subdudes, and The Grateful Dead. In 1989 Brian performed with Gulfstream Hurricane Jazz on the main jazz stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

In late ‘89 Brian founded Big Art Entertainment and established his first studio in Harrison, New York, which he eventually took to the west coast and set up in both Malibu and Hollywood California. At his studio in Hollywood Brian recorded over 2000 pieces of commercial music, and in the early 2000’s kicked off a nationwide tour with The Brass Stompers. While on the road Brian began documenting the touring experience and eventually compiled the many hours of footage into the documentary “Bang The Drum” (in which he not only performed as a band member, but also produced, directed, and edited).

Since his tour with The Brass Stompers Brian has written and recorded hundreds of original songs, traveled the world documenting his adventures as a performer, and created the children’s show “The Kids Club with Brian” where he taught children the importance of music using various comical characters (all played by himself).

Brian is currently creating multiformat webisodes , composing for various film/tv projects as well as producing a personal jazz album set to release in late 2012.

Amnon David


Director of Post Production

Amnon David is a film & television editor and has been working consistently in the entertainment industry since 1996.


After graduating Berklee with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Synthesis Amnon quickly became interested in film & television editing. Translating what he learned from digital audio sampling as a musician into film editing was a skill he quickly began to master.


His first year and a half in the industry was spent working at Cinesite as a Pre-Visualisation Effects Editor. While at Cinesite Amnon worked on such films as Space Jam, Air Force One, and Sphere with Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson. After leaving Cinesite Amnon began his television editing career on Real TV, a syndicated series running from 1996-2001. Shortly after finishing Real TV Amnon was hired onto the reality show-pioneering Blind Date.


Eight years later Amnon has worked as an editor on over 30 television series’ including many pilots, promos, teasers, and specials. Some of his most recent jobs include The Dead Files, Finding Bigfoot, America’s Best Dance Crew, and NBC’s The Sing Off.








Justin Adams-Pallais


Director of Operations

Justin Adams-Pallais is an Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Musician and Composer who graduated from the Sonic Arts Center at the City College of New York in New York City with a B.F.A. in Music & Audio Technology.

After studying classical piano and being involved in an in depth composition studies program with the New York Youth Symphony where he heard his first real compositions come to life, Justin had discovered how much he loved music and the broader field of creative audio. By deciding to take up the study of Audio Engineering, he began applying his talents in a wider array of entertainment related fields.

Justin began an enterprising Sound Design push at school while creating a dynamic reel with spots in car commercials, movie scenes and movie trailers. While learning ADR, he worked with famous voice-over artist Frank SImms and learned the importance of voice-over talent and production in advertisement media. Along with this he pursued a self-employed career of Music Production services.


After working in the Music Licensing business at Freeplay Music in New York, Justin decided to move to Los Angeles, CA to work in TV and Film, making new inroads into the entertainment business spanning beyond his hometown origins, incluing Video and Story Editing for reality TV.

​Justin took up the torch of Director of Operations at Aardvark Park Production Services in February of 2013.


Nicholas Link


Editor - Sound Designer

   Nick has  four years of pre and postproduction experience acquired through his education at CSUN as well as the various internships he has taken over the course of his college career. His ultimate strength is demonstrated in editing and sound designing capabilities. He is efficient and highly skilled in Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools software. Nick is a hard worker; he learns fast, and can retain innovative work techniques while performing them to the maximum standard.

Jason Castle



   Jason Castle is a writer/director, actor, and editor currently working as an Assistant Editor/ Production Assistant at Aardvark Park Production Services.


After relocating to Los Angeles in 2006, Jason began working in the entertainment industry as a film/tv extra while attending Television Production, AVID Editing, and Screenwriting courses at the Pasadena City College. There he became the go-to writer/director/performer in his class and eventually started gettng jobs as a Production Assistant and Camera Operator for many projects outside of the school.

Ted Alevizos


Junior Editor

Shawn Adams


Director of Marketing

Ted is the youngest editor at Aardvark and he brings a fresh and new sensibility to his projects. As he is constanlty improving his skills - Final Cut, Garage Band, Protools and more, he is always surprising the Aardvark group with fresh new content. He was most recently an assistant on the Fox Sports series "Stable Wars" and has had his original music placed in a wide variety of video projects. Ted is also a skilled musician, with a focus on keyboards and drums. He can be seen performing with his group "Fusebox", most recently with a recording session with Ike Willis from Frank Zappa.

   Shawn Adams has been involved with the entertaiment industry since childhood as her father was a jazz legend in the French Quarter for over half a century. Notably, she studied televsison production at Loyola University in New Orleans, and was acclaimed for her own screenplay and the production of "Ain't Nothing But a Thing" in 1991. Later she received a Masters in Communication, with and focus on rhetoric studies, from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. In recent years she has dedicated her talents as a board member of the Boston Public Library where she was instrumental in managing the operating budget. In addtition she held a position as adjunct professor of English at the prestigious Suffolk University in downtown Boston, MA.

Donna Fazzari



Paul Barnicki


Senior Editor

   Donna is a seasoned veteran producer in the television industry, with many contacts within  numerous networks such as Bravo, Lifetime, OWN, and Travel Channel. Most notably she is known for her executive production of the series "Local Flavor with Joan Cusack" appearing in 2006 on the Travel Channel. Donna also has been seen as an individual entrepeneur with her successful food truck in the greater New Orleans region. She has been an integral element here at Aardvark Park as her contacts in the large networks and her strength as a "showrunner" have been the lead element for the Content Development division.

   A twenty year veteran of the video production industry, Paul has been involved on a variety of projects. He has worked with a number of video post houses, including Magical Elves and Ovation LLC. His range is broad, for example, he worked as an editor for KBS, the Korean Broadcasting System, on a variety of compelling programming related to human interest stories in the Korean peninsula. While working for Bravo, he was an editor for Kathy Griffin's Red Carpet and Bravo's A-List Awards. No stranger to reality TV, Paul was instrumental in completing "Stable Wars" here at Aardvark Park. Other credits include Bridezillas, The Whitest Kids U Know, Project Runway and Top Chef.