Careers at Aardvark


Despite the heat of the lights and the pressure of the stage call, Aardvark Park is a very COOL place to work. With a flexible work week and a quarter of your work time dedicated to your own ideas and visions, we provide a "Silicon Valley" style to our work environment. We are always interested in meeting candidates who have a clear head, a strong vision, and a remarkable skill set.  Below are some positions we have available:




Outside Sales Associate - We are looking for a driven individual, someone who sees our market as a set of opportunities and not obstacles. It is a very tough market, with many moving parts, and eccentric idiosyncracies abound. However, Aardvark Park is situated in an area that is within a 20 mile radius of 90% plus of all television and video produced in the world. It's right outside the door, and we need someone to hunt down the business. The ideal candidate would be someone who has experience selling video services, however we are eager to find the right fit for our group, as opposed to just the best talent. Since we are a fairly young company, we are looking for someone who wants to help us build something bigger than what we have now. If you're interested please call us at 818-386-8464 today!


Assistant Editor - It is hard to define what this role entails. Once in a while our lead editors will become overhwhelmed with project overflow as they clearly have more to do than is capable by mere mortals, and they will plead to management for an assistant editor. And we'll ask - "What does this person need to do?" The answer is something like this - "keep the coffee coming, call Avid and find out why Bay Three is acting funky, transcode 40 hours of client footage, make sure all data is correct, fill out the cue sheets for the latest cuts, run down to the vendor and pick up the color scope" - etc. You get the picture. If this is you, and you want to work at Aardvark based on what you see here, give is a call at 818-386-8464.


Social Marketing Engineer - Heck, we don't even know what this is, but have been told we could use this person. You let us know what it is you can do for us, and we'll be happy to put a position around this if it makes sense. Obviously we are looking for someone who is not shy, understands the entertainment biz, and can use a computer! For info, give us a call at 818-386-8464.